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vinyl Installation

Learn what to expect when we install your beautiful new vinyl floors.

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Before Vinyl Installation

Having a firm grasp on what to expect before, during, and after your vinyl installation can help make installation day go a lot more smoothly.

Here's what you can expect before your installation:

  • Before installation, you will complete a final walkthrough with a member of our team. This will serve as a good opportunity for you to ask questions, discuss goals, and assess a possible timetable.
  • Our team will help move furniture and complete any prep work as a part of our full-service floor offerings. This also includes removing and disposing of old floors, repairing subfloors as needed, leveling surfaces, working on transitions, installing new moldings, etc.
  • On installation day itself, we ask that pets and children vacate the premises for their safety and ours.
  • From there, we will begin your vinyl installation.

During Vinyl Installation

There are two basic vinyl types (LVT and LVP), and depending on which you choose, the installation method may vary. 

For both types, there is a floating, click-and-lock installation method that is done without adhesives and can sometimes be done over your existing flooring. There are many pros to this installation. 

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After Vinyl Installation

After installation tips:

  • Assess the job with our crew, asking any questions that you might have.
    We will complete a full clean-up of the job site and return the furniture to its original spot. We will leave no trace of the work done, with the exception of your beautiful new flooring.
  • Run a fan to remove any installation-related smells that might come from glue or other materials.
  • Stay off your floors for 24 hours.
  • Enjoy your new vinyl floors and stay in touch with your favorite flooring professionals at I Luv My Floors. 
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I Luv My Floors has partnered with "Carpet America Recovery Effort" (CARE). We believe it is our duty to promote sustainability and eco-friendly business practices day in and day out.

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